Below is a list of the dances we enjoy doing.

Links to videos and stepsheets.

Please note that different music may be used.

The link for the stepsheets will take you to a site called Copperknob.  There will be various videos to watch but not all are good to learn from.  I have tried to choose videos that have clear footwork and possibly a teach or walk through at the end.  




Link to Video Link to step sheet Link to Video Link to Step Sheet
 Go Cat Go  Go Cat Go   County line Cha Cha   County line Cha Cha
 Rocket To The Sun  Rocket To The Sun  Triple Mix  Triple Mix
 Cowboy Charleston  Cowboy Charleston The Lemon Tree  The Lemon Tree
 Cowboy Strut  Cowboy Strut  Whiskey Bridges  Whiskey Bridges
 Country Walkin'  Country Walkin'  Dream on  Dream on
 Flyin' Sparx  Flyin' Sparx  One Step Forward  One Step Forward
 Stroll Along Cha Cha  Stroll Along Cha Cha  Blue Rose Is  Blue Rose Is
Feeling Kinda Lonely Feeling Kinda Lonely  Ghost Train  Ghost Train
 Lipstick, Powder and paint  Lipstick, Powder and paint  Magic Moon  Magic Moon
Mamma Maria  Mamma Maria Pot Of Gold
Galway Girls Galway Girls Hooked on Country
Closer Champagne Promise
Black Coffee Gypsy Queen
Places Codigo



New Dances

Link to video Link to Step Sheet Link to Video Link to Step sheet
I'm On My Way I'm On My Way    
Heavens Jukebox  Heaven's Jukebox    
Silver coins  Silver coins    
Things  Things    
Lucky Lips  Lucky Lips    
The Morning After  The Morning After    
Give Me Your Tempo  Give Me Your Tempo